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Kosh Kash / Aslatua / Thelevi Shaker 2 Pieces

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  •  Kosh Kash / Aslatua  / Thelevi Shaker 2 Pieces

Looking for an instrument that provides entertainment and at the same time improves your health? Then look no further, this instrument is the best thing you need.
The kosh kash also known as Aslatua, kes kes and koshika is a percussion instrument which originates from Ghana in West Africa. It is made up of two gourds filled with beans which are connected by a string. It comes in many sizes and very light and simple.
Even though learning how to play it may not seem easy during the first try, it gets better and becomes more fun. When shaken, it produces a rattle shake-like sound.
Every person's hand has a different size. Therefore, it is very important that a learner plays the kosh kash of the right size because it makes learning and mastering different polyrhythms easier.

-Place one gourd in between any fingers of your choice preferably the index and middle finger.
-Swing the other gourd in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction and hold in the palm,
-Shake the gourds and repeat the same steps all over again

The kosh kash is not only for entertainment nor does it only tell us about the lives of the originators, it is also beneficial for one's health. It engages the brain in the sense that it teaches one to be multitaskful.
It also promotes a sense of calm and relaxation which reduces one's stress levels.
It improves flexibility in the arms, chest, shoulders and hands as well as improvements in one's dexterity and brain hemispheric synchronization.

Produces nice rhythm.

NB: All products may not look the same, since it is handmade there may be slight changes in size, colour, length.

This Listing is for 2 Pieces and Medium sizes